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The Company

S.I.N. HELLAS (Salt Inclusive Nutriments HELLAS) was founded in 1992 in Larissa, central Greece as a research, production and distribution company of special animal feed supplements for productive animals (sheep, goats, dairy, cows, etc). These special supplementary products are known as MINERALISED LICKING BLOCKS & VITAMINS – MINERALS PREMIXES and they are used for increasing and improving the animal’s production factors.

With their special composition complex, the licking blocks as a supplement to a good quality daily food ratio, manage to increase the animal’s appetite and productivity in milk and meat, improve the quality of the produced milk, prevent several diseases, achieve better pregnancy and generally help the animal to become healthier and more productive.

Specialized in research and production of this kind of products, combined with the up to date technical equipment, the company very soon developed a big variety of different compositions licking blocks, each type for special animal’s needs becoming in this way the leading company in this field, covering with its products the biggest part of the total Greek market while at the same time started exporting them in many Middle East, Balkan and European countries.

In 1998 the company completed a new project a modern factory in Larissa’s Industrial Area where has ever since been established as a complete unit (production, warehouse, offices). In 2002 the company starting a new development project created new production lines and warehouses facilities increasing in this way its productivity and the ability to successfully serve its expanded market. The project completed in 2004 offering to S.I.N. HELLAS a total covered area of 5.000 m2 in a 9.000 m2 field which consist the company’s today’s facilities.

The combination of the scientific and well trained personnel occupied in the company and the modern production technical equipment have leaded the company which always had as major target the top quality of its products, to expand its activities and develop new products covering in this way most of today’s animal’s quality feeding needs.

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